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Angelo Cannella, born in Messina, born in 1981.

I began my journey in the world of video in 2002, working on a television project for a local broadcaster in my city. Curiosity and the desire to get involved pushes me to produce my first short films, to experiment and refine myself in this world. Thus I go through the period of digital development and begin to study its functions and potential, with its continuous updates which become increasingly growing over the course of 10 years.

Only in 2015 did I transform my passion into work and begin my freelance journey with the first advertising video productions.

The first "cinema" works began in 2017, with the project "La Bambina Guerriero e il Regno di Oltre i Sogni".

After some short films made for fun, the Warrior Girl is the first complex work, with a cast of over 60 people and different shooting locations.

The result will be a small 50-minute film of the fantasy/drama genre which in 2023 will "get a new look" with a restyling of both video and audio, with the addition of new visual fx.

In 2018 I made an autobiographical docufilm, "Love is a serious thing" lasting 70 minutes and in the same year the "Stay Qui" project was born which develops between Bologna and Ferrara and was created in a very short time.

However, the project, born to be a horror/thriller, turns out to be more of a drama and fails to make its way into the various film festivals.

Thus, as with the Warrior Girl, this project is also reworked, but this time with a new edit, which will bring it to the horror vision for which it was designed.

After a 4-year stop, working exclusively on advertising projects for companies, in February 2023 I created Parasomnia.

A 7-minute horror short film which received its first victories and selections right from its release, with its presentation at film festivals.

To date, this project boasts 5 victories as best horror 2023, 3 official selections and in the running as a semi-finalist at the Serbest International Film Festival.

He wins in Milan and Florence and also wins overseas.

I am currently working on the drafting of a possible film but I am waiting for confirmation from project financiers.




info@acmpicture.com  |  +39 3473673623 | Strada Malpaga 75 - Calendasco (PC)

info@acmpicture.com  |  +39 3473673623 | Strada Malpaga 75 - Calendasco (PC)

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